Chapter 18.06. Administration And Procedures  

Article I. Administrative Roles And Responsibilities
Article II. Common Procedural Requirements
Article III. Municipal Code Text Amendment And Interpretation Procedures
Article IV. Zoning Review And Approval Procedures
Article V. Division Of Land Review, Approval, And Modification
Article VI. Abandonment
Article VII. Annexation
Article VIII. Grading, Building, And Construction Permits



Chapter 18.06 contains the procedural steps and review criteria for review of all land development applications required under Title 18, including master plan amendments, zoning map amendments, special use permits, divisions of land, and variances or other modifications. The chapter is organized into eight articles, which are described as follows:

Article I provides a description of the various city bodies with a direct role and responsibility for administering this Title 18, including the city council, the planning commission, hearing examiner, and the administrator. At the end of Article 1, Table 18.06-1 provides a summary of each body's role in the review, final decision, and appeal of each land development application required under this title.

Article II presents general procedural requirements that are common to most applications brought pursuant to this chapter, including general provisions for application fees, application submittals, public notice, and appeals.

Articles III through VIII next provide the detailed procedural steps and review criteria for all the different, specific types of planning, zoning, and land development applications. Article III states procedures for amendments to this Title 18 and to the city's master plan, as well as the process for interpretations of this title. Article IV sets forth all the zoning related procedures, including procedures for review of planned unit developments, zoning map amendments, special use permits, and several different administrative permits (e.g., site plan review and outdoor dining). Article V presents all procedures related to the division of land, including procedures for parcel maps, tentative maps, and final maps. Article VI states the procedures for abandonment of public rights-of-way or easements, while Article VIII presents or cross-references procedures for grading, building, and other related construction and building permits.

(Ord. No. 5729, § 2, 9-14-05)