§ 3. Railroad Corridor  

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  • For the purposes of this section, the following definitions apply:


    Downtown Railroad Corridor.

    The area adjacent to and including the Southern Pacific Railroad right-of-way and the air space above it, with a width equal to the distance from the north boundary of the right-of-way for Third Street (between Sierra Street and Arlington Avenue) and the south boundary of the right-of-way for Commercial Row (between Virginia Street and Sierra Street), and bounded on the east and west by the boundaries of the Redevelopment Area.


    Interior Railroad Tunnel.

    The area within which the Southern Pacific Railroad tracks are entirely enclosed on both sides and above, and not visible from adjacent public areas including streets, sidewalks or other properties. The terminus of the tunnel at each end for a minimum depth of 20 feet (visible from adjacent streets and sidewalks) shall be excluded from this provision to ensure that an aesthetic treatment compatible with the exterior is provided.