§ 2. Participation Property Frontage Percentage for Skybuildings  

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  • If a property is located in an area identified as appropriate for skybuildings, a property owner(s) who has gained control over an entire block or the majority of a block and still needs more land for expansion, may need to link two or more blocks to achieve economic benefit. If 75 percent of the street frontage property owners of a block proposed for a skyway agree to the proposal, then it can be assumed that the applicant has met finding (10)d. of Section 18.06.405(e). A total of 75 percent participation is defined as a minimum of 75 percent of the total street frontage counting both sides of the street.

    Example: If the street frontage of the block is 300 feet long, then the participating property frontage percentage requirement would be 300 feet plus 300 feet for a total of 600 feet x 75%, or 450 feet of street frontage.