§ 5.20.040. Exceptions to film permit  

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  • (a) The following activities are exempt from the film permit requirement:

    (1) The filming or videotaping of motion pictures solely for nonpublic broadcast or family use;

    (2) The filming or videotaping of motion pictures for use in a criminal investigation or civil proceedings;

    (3) The filming, videotaping or production of motion pictures for news purposes; and,

    (4) Activities at or in a motion picture or television production facility permanently located within the city that pays a general business license fee pursuant to title 4.

    (b) Although not required to obtain a film permit, any person engaged in any activity listed in subsection (a)(1)—(4) is required to comply with general regulations governing public safety and health.

(Ord. No. 5601, § 2, 9-22-04)