§ 2.06.030. Designation of appointive offices  

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  • The following positions are hereby established or ratified as previously established "appointive officers" within the City of Reno:

    City Manager's Office Assistant City Manager
    Chief of Staff
    Communications & Community Engagement Director
    Management & Budget Director
    Community Development Director
    Assistant Community Development Director
    Deputy Community Development Director - Land Development
    Deputy Community Development Director - Planning Services
    Planning Manager
    Community Reinvestment Manager
    Business Relations Program Manager
    Code Enforcement Manager
    Building Official
    Building and Safety Manager
    Communications and Technology Manager
    Assistant Emergency Communications Manager
    Network Manager
    Finance and Administration Director
    Assistant Finance Director
    Accounting Manager
    Fire Fire Chief
    Human Resources Director
    Employee Relations Manager
    Employee Services Manager
    Safety and Training Program Manager
    Parks, Recreation and Community Services Director
    Parks Manager
    Recreation Manager
    Resource Development/Cultural Affairs Manager
    Youth Services Manager
    Police Chief of Police
    Public Works Director/City Engineer
    Deputy Public Works Director - Engineering
    Deputy Public Works Director - Maintenance
    Deputy Public Works Director - Sanitary Engineering
    Environmental Program Manager
    Maintenance and Operations Manager
    Principal Civil Engineer/Engineering Manager
    Traffic Engineer


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