§ 12.16.650. Wastewater discharge permit suspension or revocation  

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  • A violation of the conditions of a permit or of this article or of applicable state and federal regulations shall be reason for suspension or revocation of such permit by the city. Upon suspension or revocation of the permit, any wastewater discharge from the affected industrial user shall be considered prohibited and in violation of this article. Grounds for suspension or revocation of a permit include, but are not limited to, the following:

    (a) Failure to pay sewer charges, surcharges, or pretreatment programs fees;

    (b) Failure of the industrial user to report significant changes in operations or wastewater constituents and characteristics as required;

    (c) Refusal of access to the industrial user's premises for the purpose of inspection or monitoring;

    (d) Falsification of records, reports or monitoring results;

    (e) Tampering with monitoring equipment;

    (f) Misrepresentation or failure to fully disclose all relevant facts in the wastewater discharge permit application;

    (g) Failure to pay fines or penalties;

    (h) Failure of an industrial user to accurately disclose or report the wastewater constituents and characteristics of any discharge;

    (i) Failure to meet compliance schedules;

    (j) Failure to provide required reports, including but not limited to, a wastewater survey, baseline monitoring report, 90-day compliance report, permit application, self monitoring report or other permit required reports or notifications within the timeframe required by the city; or

    (k) Violation of any pretreatment standard or requirement, or any terms of the wastewater discharge permit or this article.

(Ord. No. 6305, § 1, 8-28-13)