§ 12.14.220. Schedule of civil fines upon adoption and publication of a resolution declaring a water emergency pursuant to this chapter

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  • RMC Section Charge Fine
    12.14.050(B)(1) Wastage of water excessive runoff or pooling $ 100.00
    12.14.050(B)(2) Failure to fix leak after one days' notice 100.00
    12.14.050(B)(3) Using water contrary to notice from city 100.00
    12.14.050(B)(4) Wasteful use of water during emergency conditions 100.00
    12.14.050(B)(5) Prohibited washing of motor vehicles, trailers or mobile equipment 100.00
    12.14.085(B) Watering at prohibited times 200.00
    Planting or installing new lawn during prohibited time periods 200.00
    12.14.095(B)(1) Using water for dust control without a permit 200.00
    12.14.095(B)(2) Using water to wash or wet hard areas 200.00
    12.14.095(B)(3) Prohibited use of water from fire hydrant 200.00
    12.14.095(B)(4) Prohibited use of water for decorative purposes 200.00
    12.14.095(B)(5) Serving water to restaurant customers without request 200.00
    12.14.095(B)(6) Use of water in violation of express provision of resolution or emergency ordinance 200.00
    12.14.100 Failure to post water scarcity notices 200.00


(Ord. No. 4613, § 1, 4-9-96)