§ 7A.120. "Undertaking" defined  

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  • "Undertaking" means any enterprise to acquire, develop, improve or equip, or any combination thereof, any project or projects authorized in the City Bond Law or which is a mixed-use or transit-oriented community, and to defray the cost of such enterprise wholly or in part by the issuance of the City's bonds or other securities payable wholly or in part from tax proceeds allocated to the Tax Increment Account pertaining to such enterprise pursuant to section 7A.190.

    Municipal Corporations § 8.
    WESTLAW Topic No. 268.
    C.J.S. Municipal Corporations §§ 11, 17-18.

(Added—Ch. 460, Stats. 1979 p. 862; A—Ch. 404, Stats. 2005 p. 1596)