§ 6.010. Local improvement law  

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  • Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2 of section 2.140 and section 2.150, the City Council, on behalf of the City and in its name, without any election, may from time to time acquire, improve, equip, operate and maintain, convert to or authorize:

    1. Curb and gutter projects;

    2. Drainage projects;

    3. Off-street parking projects;

    4. Overpass projects;

    5. Park projects;

    6. Sanitary sewer projects;

    7. Security walls;

    8. Sidewalk projects;

    9. Storm sewer projects;

    10. Street projects;

    11. Underground electric and communication facilities;

    12. Underpass projects; and

    13. Water projects.


    Section does not require legislative action or voter approval as a prerequisite to the exercise of authority. The plain language of both NRS 271.265 and Reno City Charter § 6.010 makes clear that the authority set forth therein may be exercised "without any election." Although various other federal and state statutes may impose certain requirements with respect to public works, there is no requirement that a city must take legislative action or obtain voter approval before commencing a local improvement or public works project. Citizens for Pub. Train Trench Vote v. City of Reno, 118 Nev. 574, 53 P.3d 387 (2002)

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