§ 9.280. Disciplinary authority of Commission; judicial review  

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  • 1. Verified charges may be filed with the Commission setting forth cause for disciplinary action against any Civil Service employee by any resident of the City. The Commission may conduct investigations and hold such hearings as it deems appropriate to determine the facts. If the Commission finds the charges true it may order the suspension, dismissal or discipline of the employee.

    2. The Commission on its own initiative may conduct investigations and hearings with respect to violations of this article or rules of the Commission and impose such sanctions as it deems appropriate.

    3. Any person who is aggrieved by a final decision of the Commission may petition for judicial review in the manner provided by chapter 233B of NRS.

(Added—Ch. 553, Stats. 1973 p. 889; A—Ch. 97, Stats. 1995 p. 115)