§ 9.020. Civil Service and exempt positions  

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  • 1. A Civil Service System is created for the selection, appointment and promotion of all employees except:

    (a) A person appointed to a position pursuant to this Charter.

    (b) A person employed by the City for less than 18 hours per week.

    (c) A person for whose position half or more of the money is provided by a source other than the City.

    (d) A person employed as a trainee for a period of time which is not more than that period prescribed for a probationary employee.

    2. Any employee whose position was within the provisions of the Civil Service System before May 15, 1977, shall retain all rights and benefits to which he would otherwise be entitled under the System.

(Added—Ch. 553, Stats. 1973 p. 884; A—Ch. 561, Stats. 1977 p. 1398)