Article IX. Civil Service  

§ 9.010. Civil Service: Objectives
§ 9.020. Civil Service and exempt positions
§ 9.030. Civil Service Commission: Number, appointment, qualifications, terms, compensation of members
§ 9.040. Commission meetings
§ 9.050. Authority of Commission
§ 9.060. Rules
§ 9.070. Chief Examiner
§ 9.080. Leaves of absence without pay
§ 9.090. Transfer of employees
§ 9.100. Reports of employee performance
§ 9.110. Agreements
§ 9.120. Blanketing into Civil Service
§ 9.130. Return to Civil Service
§ 9.140. Layoff
§ 9.150. Support
§ 9.160. Prohibited acts
§ 9.170. Penalties
§ 9.180. Class specifications
§ 9.190. Examinations, general
§ 9.200. Open and promotional examinations
§ 9.210. Assembled and continuous examinations
§ 9.220. Examination scores
§ 9.230. Assistance in examinations
§ 9.240. Eligible lists
§ 9.250. Appointments
§ 9.260. Duties and authority of City Manager
§ 9.270. Appeals to the Commission
§ 9.280. Disciplinary authority of Commission; judicial review
§ 9.290. Salary of suspended, demoted or disciplined employee


City of Reno is not required to obtain approval from the Reno Civil Service Commission to lay off a police officer under the circumstances. Where: (1) a police officer employed by the City of Reno ("City") was convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence; (2) a job qualification for a police officer employed by the City is the eligibility to carry a firearm; and (3) the City laid off the police officer from employment because a federal law makes it illegal for a person convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence to carry a firearm (see 18 U.S.C. § 921 et seq.), the City had the authority to lay off the police officer without obtaining the approval of the Civil Service Commission of the City of Reno (see Reno City Charter, Art. IX) because the Civil Service Commission of the City of Reno has authority over layoffs resulting from a general reduction in workforce (see Reno City Charter § 9.140), but does not have authority over a layoff necessitated by a disqualification of a particular employee for a particular employment position. (See also NRS ch. 289.) City of Reno v. Civil Serv. Comm'n, 117 Nev. 855, 34 P.3d 120 (2001)