§ 3.090. County Treasurer to be ex officio City Treasurer; duties  

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  • 1. The Treasurer of Washoe County shall be ex officio City Treasurer and Tax Receiver of the City. The County Treasurer shall perform such duties for the City without additional compensation.

    2. The City Treasurer shall, with the consent of the City Council, appoint the City Clerk or other city officer as Deputy City Treasurer to perform such duties as may be designated by the City Council.

    3. The City shall compensate Washoe County annually in an amount agreed upon by the City Council and the Board of County Commissioners of Washoe County for the services rendered by the Treasurer of Washoe County under this section.

(Ch. 662, Stats. 1971 p. 1975; A—Ch. 414, Stats. 1975 p. 607)