§ 3.040. City Clerk: Duties  

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  • 1. The City Clerk shall:

    (a) Keep the corporate seal and all books and papers belonging to the City.

    (b) Attend all meetings of the City Council and keep an accurate journal of its proceedings, including a record of all ordinances, bylaws and resolutions passed or adopted by it. After approval at each meeting of the City Council, the City Clerk shall attest the journal after it has been signed by the Mayor.

    (c) Sign all warrants issued.

    (d) Number and sign all licenses issued by the City. All licenses must be in a form devised by the City Clerk and approved by the City Council.

    (e) Enter upon the journal the result of the vote of the City Council upon the passage of ordinances, or of any resolution appropriating money, abolishing licenses, or increasing or decreasing the rates of licenses.

    (f) Be the official collector of all business license fees and penalties of the City, and all money making up the City revenues, except general taxes and special assessments, must be paid over to him.

    2. The City Clerk has custody of all the official records of the City. He is responsible to the City Council for the proper discharge of his duties. His duties and salary are fixed by the City Council, and he is entitled to be reimbursed for all expenses incurred in the performance of his duties.

    3. The City Clerk may, with approval of the City Council, appoint one chief deputy and one Manager of Record Systems, who are not subject to the provisions of article IX of this Charter. The City Clerk may designate a member of his staff as acting City Clerk to:

    (a) Administer oaths; and

    (b) Perform all the duties of the City Clerk in his absence.

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