§ 3.010. Mayor: Duties; Assistant Mayor  

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  • 1. The Mayor:

    (a) Shall serve as a member of the City Council and preside over its meetings.

    (b) Shall not have any administrative duties.

    (c) Must be recognized as the head of the City government for all ceremonial purposes.

    (d) Shall determine the order of business at meetings pursuant to the rules of the City Council.

    (e) Is entitled to vote and shall vote last on all roll call votes.

    (f) Shall take all proper measures for the preservation of the public peace and order and for the suppression of riots and all forms of public disturbance, for which he is authorized to appoint extra policemen temporarily and without regard to Civil Service rules and regulations, and to call upon the Sheriff of Washoe County, or, if that force is inadequate, to call upon the Governor for assistance.

    (g) Shall perform such other duties, except administrative duties, as may be prescribed by ordinance or by the provisions of Nevada Revised Statutes which apply to a mayor of a city organized pursuant to the provisions of a special charter.

    2. At the first regular City Council meeting in November of each year, the City Council shall elect one of the Councilmen to be Assistant Mayor. That person:

    (a) Holds that office and title, without additional compensation, for a term of 1 year or until removed after a hearing for cause by a vote of six-sevenths of the City Council.

    (b) Shall perform the duties of Mayor during the absence or disability of the Mayor.

    (c) Shall act as Mayor if the office of Mayor becomes vacant until the vacancy is filled pursuant to section 1.070 of this Charter.

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