§ 2.120. Codification of ordinances; publication of Code  

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  • 1. The City Council may codify and publish a Code of its municipal ordinances in the form of a Municipal Code, which Code may, at the election of the City Council, have incorporated therein a copy of this Charter and such additional data as the City Council may prescribe. When such Code is published, two copies shall be filed with the Librarian at the County Public Library in Reno, the County Law Library and the Supreme Court Law Library.

    2. The ordinances in the Code shall be arranged in appropriate chapters, articles and sections, excluding the titles, enacting clauses, signature of the Mayor, attestations and other formal parts.

    3. The codification shall be adopted by an ordinance and shall not contain any substantive changes, modifications or alterations of existing ordinances; and the only title necessary for the ordinance shall be, "An ordinance for codifying and compiling the general ordinances of the City of Reno."

    4. The codification may be amended or extended by ordinance.

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