§ 2.110. Uniform codes: Procedure for adoption  

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  • Except as otherwise provided in NRS 707.375, a uniform building, plumbing, electrical, health, traffic or fire code, or any other uniform code, printed in book or pamphlet form, or any portion thereof, with such changes as may be necessary to make the code applicable to conditions in the City, and with such other changes as may be desirable, may be adopted in an ordinance by reference thereto. Copies of the code, with such changes, if any, must be filed for use and examination by the public in the Office of the Clerk at least 1 week before the passage of the ordinance adopting the code.

    Automobiles § 5.
    Telecommunications § 461.5.
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    C.J.S. Telegraphs, Telephones, Radio, and Television § 219.

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