§ 1.090. Appointive officers  

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  • 1. The City Council shall provide for the appointment of a City Manager to perform the duties outlined in section 3.020. A vacancy in the office of City Manager must be filled within 6 months.

    2. Applicants for the position of City Manager need not be residents of the City or State at the time of their appointment, except that applicants who are residents of the City and who have qualifications equal to those of nonresidents must be given preference in filling the position.

    3. The City Council may establish such other appointive offices as it may deem necessary for the operation of the City by designating the position and the qualifications therefor by ordinance. Appointive offices are limited to the head of each department or division except:

    (a) One immediate assistant for the Director of Public Works.

    (b) Special technical staff members who report directly to the City Manager.

    (c) In the Fire Department and Police Department, no positions below the office of Chief.

    Appointment of such officers must be made by the City Manager, and the appointment of the Chief of Police and the Fire Chief must be confirmed by the City Council.

    4. A City Clerk must be appointed by the City Council.

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